5 Best USB Type-C Chargers for Laptops

The era of proprietary chargers is getting over soon thanks to the new laptops with USB Type-C (USB-C) ports for charging. So you’ll need a compatible USB Type-C cable and charger to juice up your laptops quickly.

Best USB C Chargers for Laptops

It’s only natural that you want a sturdy and reliable USB Type-C charger to charge your laptops and other accessories with a USB Type-C port. We’ve compiled a list of USB Type-C chargers for you. But first,

1. Satechi 108W USB-C 3-Port GaN Wall Charger

The Satechi wall adapter brings the dual advantage of GaN (Gallium Nitride) tech and USB-C Power Delivery in a single unit. It has three USB Type-C ports and can provide a cumulative power of 108W. It’s sleek and fits easily into laptop bags.

This GaN charger has clever power segregation and one of the USB-C ports can drive up to 100W of power. It is the apt charger for you if you have the MacBook Pro.

Naturally, when all the three USB-C ports are in use, the power is divided among the three (65W/20W/20W). With this configuration, you’ll be able to charge both your laptop and smartphone.

It does its job in style. And most of the users who have bought this adapter are happy with their purchase. Users like its portable build and the fact that it’s durable.

2. AmazonBasics 100W Four-Port GaN Wall Charger

The AmazonBasics GaN charger brings the dual advantage of USB-A and USB Type-C ports into the mix. It has four ports, thereby making it easy to refuel multiple devices all at once.

However, only one of the USB Type-C ports can output power between 65W and 100W, while the rest can deliver power at 18W and 12W. It’s designed to charge a single laptop like the Apple MacBook Air and two smartphones at the same time.

It is sleek and slim, which makes it easily portable. It works as advertised and fast charges the connected devices.

3. Nekteck 100W USB Type-C Charger

The Nekteck charger is different from those above and bundles a single USB-C port. And it’s this port that can deliver up to 100W of power. It will charge any compatible laptop and the Power Delivery 3.0 tech ensures that the charging happens fast and quick.

The best part about the USB-C PD port is that you can use it to power your smartphone as well. It will automatically charge the connected device at its rated power.

This Nekteck charger is smaller than the conventional adapters. The company claims that the adapter is 40% smaller than the MacBook charger. At the same time, this Nekteck charger is one of the few adapters with USB-IF certifications. USB-IF certifications ensure that an independent lab has tested cables and adapters for performance and safety.

Alternatively, you can also consider the Nekteck 60W USB-C charger if you’ve less power requirement for your gadgets.

For charing the MacBook Air, you can’t go wrong with the Minix 66W GaN charger. It has a mix of USB Type-C and USB-A ports. The USB Type-C ports support Power Delivery 3.0, while the single USB-A port supports Quick Charge 3.0 to charge small peripherals like smartphones, headphones, or old power banks.

Apart from MacBook Air, this charger is powerful enough to charge the 13-inch MacBook Pro, and several users have backed this claim that this wall adapter works as advertised.

That said, it’s a durable product, and the fact that it doesn’t cost a bomb is the cherry on top.

5. ZMI zPower Turbo 65W USB Type-C PD Laptop Charger

If you are looking for an affordable USB Type-C charger for your laptop, trust the ZMI adapter to do the job. This one is rated at 65W and has a single USB-C port. It’s compatible with laptops like the older 13-inch MacBook Pro, Macbook Air, and some variants of the Dell Latitude laptops.

It fast charges connected phones, laptops, and Chromebooks as advertised. The best is that it retains its cool while charging. Since it’s a GaN charger, it sports a small and compact form factor.

The company also ships a USB Type-C cable with the adapter. It’s a long 1.5-meter cable and gives you plenty of wriggle room to route the cable as per your preference.

It’s affordable and has quite a few positive reviews to its credit. People have appreciated its solid build and its charging power.

As Fast as Lightning

These were some of the best USB Type-C wall adapters that you can buy to replace the stock USB Type-C power adapter. If you are looking for an affordable option, the ZMI adapter is a good buy. However, it has only one port, thereby limiting its usage.

If you are looking for a versatile charger, then the one by Satechi is your best bet. You get the dual advantage of multiple ports and high power output.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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