Why Does Netflix Keep Logging Me Out and 7 Ways to Fix It

Netflix is one of the popular streaming platforms where millions of users stream their favorite movies and shows. To use the service, you must sign in with a premium plan. However, if you are wondering why Netflix keeps logging you out, we have some answers along with fixes to resolve the issue.

Netflix keeps logging me out

The problem occurs randomly whether you’re in the middle of the binge or haven’t accessed your account in a long time. Hence, to fix the issue, it’s essential first to understand why Netflix keeps kicking you out. Keep reading.

Why Netflix Logged You Out Automatically

There are a few reasons why Netflix asks for sign-in every time you open the service. Here are the most common ones:

  • Account has been inactive for a long time: Netflix will automatically log you out after a certain period of inactivity. While the time varies depending on your account settings, it’s typically around 90 days.
  • Changed your password. If you change your Netflix password, you must sign in again on all your devices.
  • Someone logged you out: If you share a Netflix plan with multiple members, someone might have used the Sign out of all devices.
Reason Why Netflix Logged You Out Automatically
  • Someone else logged into your account. If someone else logged into your account from a different device, Netflix may have logged you out for security reasons.
  • Error from Netflix support: Sometimes, Netflix servers can experience technical problems that can prevent users from logging in.
  • Used the wrong login credentials: If you have the wrong credentials, you won’t be able to sign in to Netflix. If you are someone who always forgets your credentials, it’s best to use a good password manager to store all of them.

How to Fix Netflix Keeps Kicking You Out

Now that we know why Netflix keeps logging you out, let us look at how you can fix this issue.

1. Check if Netflix Server Is Down

Being an online service, even Netflix can enter into a server-side error, automatically logging you out of the service. Besides, the service might also be down temporarily if there is server maintenance. Here’s how you can check if Netflix is down or not:

Check Netflix Server Is Down

Open the browser and Visit the Downdetector page and search for Netflix.

You can also use the link below.

From here, you can see if Netflix is down. If it is, wait for the service to return online and try to log in again.

2. Sign Out From All Devices and Sign In

As mentioned above, someone might have kicked you out of Netflix. If you are unsure who it is, communicate with all those using the account. If you are still unable to find out why Netflix keeps kicking you out, the best way is to sign out all the devices from your Netflix account.

While you are at it, change Netflix members’ passwords and only allow the users you know.

3. Disable VPN

A VPN can help you watch geo-restricted content on Netflix, if you are not using a good VPN service, chances are you might face issues, including the issue of Netflix keeps logging you out. Hence, it’s better to turn off VPN and opt for a good service to solve this.

Disable VPN on Phone

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4. Clear Cache and Browsing Data

Netflix might also keep logging you out because of the app cache. While cache files are supposed to help in improving the app’s performance, they might cause issues in the long run. Hence, the best solution is to clear the app cache on Android and the browser cache if you use Netflix on the web. Don’t worry, these are temporary files and will be regenerated again.

Note: You can’t clear the cache on iOS devices. So, move on to the next fix.

Here’s how to clear the cache on Android:

Step 1: Open Setting > tap Apps and choose ‘See all X apps.’

Step 2: Choose Netflix and tap ‘Storage and cache.’

Step 3: Tap Clear cache to confirm.

choose Clear cache to confirm

As for the browser, you can check all the guides mentioned below:

5. Update Netflix

Some bugs might also cause Netflix to keep logging you out. So, the best solution is to update the Netflix app. You can follow the links mentioned below to update Netflix based on the smartphone you use.

6. Uninstall and Reinstall the App

Sometimes, issues like this will be best solved when you uninstall and reinstall the app completely from your device. Here are the steps for Android:

Step 1: Open Play Store and search for the Netflix app. You can also use the link below.

Step 2: Tap the Uninstall button and choose Uninstall to confirm.

Step 3: Once uninstalled, tap Install again to download the app.

choose Install

As for iPhones, you can check our guide on how to reinstall apps on iOS.

7. Check on Other Devices or Incognito Mode

Apart from that, you can also check Netflix on other devices or even incognito, as this will help you determine if it’s an issue with your device.

FAQs on Netflix Keeps Logging Out

1. How long does it take for Netflix to log you out?

Signing out from all devices associated with your Netflix account may require up to eight hours to complete. As for a single device, you will be logged out instantly.

2. How many devices can be logged into Netflix?

There is no limit to the number of devices you can log in to with the same Netflix account. However, the problem occurs when you stream Netflix simultaneously on more than allowed devices (depending on your plan) from the same account. If you’re confused, check our comparison of Netflix Standard vs. Premium to decide whether to upgrade.

Enjoy Netflix Without Issues

Netflix has a huge catalog of content, and it is frustrating when you cannot view all that content as you are signed out. We hope this guide helped you understand why Netflix keeps logging me out. Happy streaming!

Last updated on 13 July, 2023

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